Frequently Asked Questions

It is the application that wants to make neighborhood commerce and its peer-to-peer relationship in Spanish cities fashionable again. Defender of the neighborhood, its life and its energy. A neighborhood with the usual stores – those that have the best products and know what we like – that can now be enjoyed like never before.
Manzaning connects users like you, who have no time for anything, with local businesses, to facilitate the sale of products and their delivery in less than 60 minutes or in the desired time slot.

The pace of life, working hours or long commutes to the workplace mean that it is sometimes difficult to continue shopping at the small trusted store.
Manzaning was created to offer an alternative to impersonal purchase options such as large stores or other online sales portals.

At Manzaning we put you in contact with the shops in your city where you can see and buy all the products they offer.

Through their product catalog or by asking the chat you can ask for everything you need, let them advise you and end up buying what you are looking for.

Any of the shops you find when you go for a walk in your neighborhood: pharmacies, greengrocers, stationery shops, bakeries, fishmongers, perfume shops, butchers, florists, delicatessens, hardware stores, dry cleaners…

At Manzaning we want to give you the best service, for this reason we work from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., we can deliver what you need as long as the store is open.

Manzaning has deliveries throughout Barcelona in the metropolitan area, we also reach Vallvidriera, Sant Just, Esplugas, Hospitalet and Sant Feliu. In cases outside of Barcelona, due to the distance, deliveries will be in 1 hour and a half.

For Madrid, we deliver at any point within the M-30.

We want to reach the whole world, we are growing little by little. So we will soon be in your area.

The app is free and we do not charge for the service. You will pay for the products and for the delivery.

You can choose store pickup (free) or home delivery. In the latter, the price is €3.5 (VAT included) but varies depending on the amount of your order according to these bands:

Orders from 0 to €14.99: €6
Orders from €15 to €24.99: €4.5
Orders from €25 to €39.99: €3.5
Orders from €40 to €64.99: €2.5
Orders from €65: you will not pay shipping costs

(All prices include VAT)

We also have the option of Markets in which paying only one delivery you can buy at several stops in the same market.

We want you to try our service, so we give you the delivery costs for the first order.

Download the app, register and place your first order without shipping costs.

Don’t forget that all orders over €65 have free shipping.

You may see a €1 charge in your bank account. This is a temporary pre-authorization to confirm that the data and the card entered are correct.
As soon as the store confirms the total amount of the order (depending on the products it has available, the weight and some other small variation) you will be charged the rest of the order amount plus shipping costs.

At Manzaning, we want to give you the best service, and we know you need more time. Sometimes you need things right away, and sometimes you prefer them to arrive when you are at home. That’s why we offer you several delivery options:

Scheduled: choose the delivery time on the same day or the following days. We always work in one-hour time slots to make things as easy as possible for you
We know you have no time to waste!
In-store pick-up: pick it up at the shop when you prefer so that you arrive on time and the store is open!

We make sure to have the best courier service so that your orders arrive in perfect condition and at the requested time. Expert companies in last-mile logistics are our partners, which ensures that we have a large fleet, with all types of vehicles, and above all with many years of experience in the world of deliveries. All to guarantee you a better service and always find the courier closest to your store to ensure maximum speed of delivery.

We take very good care of your products ☺

That will be up to you, we do not ask any of our couriers to be tipped. But if you think it was a great service we won’t say no 🙂

When you pay we give you the option to choose the time, verify that it is a time that you are. If you made a mistake you can call us and we will notify the courier of any changes. You will also receive an email with all the information where you can check the time.

You can also leave notes to the messenger through the app to notify of things such as « the bell is not working, call when they arrive » or contact us at or through chat support.

The more information you give us, the easier it will be for us to reach our destination.

We work with small business. Proximity stores in which product prices may vary depending on the market, seasonality or weight. But do not worry, any changes that may occur, the store itself will notify you to inform you.

Orders and cancellations

There is no minimum order except in specific promotions. But remember that the more you order, the cheaper the shipping will be.

Contact our Customer Service at or via chat support as soon as possible. If the order has already been prepared by the store and requires processing or preparation, you will have to bear the cost (this will depend on each store). If it is already on its way, we will not be able to refund the shipping costs.

Our couriers go by bike, motorcycle or car, ensuring maximum speed in deliveries and avoiding traffic problems or restricted areas while guaranteeing the conditions of transport for our couriers (large loads will go by car) and above all that your products arrive in perfect condition (cars are also assigned for fragile products such as flower bouquets). We also have isothermal bags so that your refrigerated products arrive in perfect condition.

Alcoholic beverages can only be served to customers of legal age.

For now we do not offer this type of service. but we have many
products for your pets ☺

If you have received an order confirmation email, your purchase is already confirmed. As soon as the store opens it will prepare it, if any product you bought is missing or there is a price change, the store will contact you.

Our couriers will deliver your purchase according to the chosen time slot. Remember to check all the necessary information in the order history.

What happened? Does it correspond to what you agreed with the trade? We would like you to notify us to avoid situations like this in the future. On the other hand, any return or complaint about the product will be made directly to the local business by the consumer.

You should contact the store directly to find out about their conditions and return policies. They are the ones that will be able to confirm in each case, if it were to be an error or Manzaning’s fault, the shipment will not be charged, otherwise the shipping cost will be charged.

In some cases where the distance is outside of Barcelona we will not be able to guarantee arrival within one hour, this includes places such as Sant Just, Hospitalet, Esplugas, Cornella and Sant Feliu.

If it is due to an incident with transport, we will notify you while we resolve it in the best possible way.

First check your confirmation email verifying the time you requested it. If you did not receive an email, it means that your order is not confirmed.

If it is confirmed and has not arrived, please immediately contact Customer Service at and we will help you solve it!

The stores receive all the chats, they answer them according to their schedule. Don’t worry, the store will answer you the next morning as soon as it opens.

Within the menu you must go to Order history where you can see all your purchases. Go to the store you want to rate and submit your feedback. The stores, the other customers and the Manzaning team are very grateful to hear your opinion.

Our payment system through the app is totally secure. Through your credit or debit card that you have previously registered in your profile, you can pay for the products you want to buy. Once your card is accepted, the order will be processed and our couriers will take it to the address you have indicated.

We accept all Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.

We accept all types of credit or debit cards, whether Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Payments are made in euros.

We guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection (LOPD).

If you can, go to your profile, in the « my cards » section you can see all the cards you have registered, next to them you will see a minus symbol with which you can delete the one you no longer want to have saved. If you do not see this information, you must update to the version you have of Manzaning or contact us at or through the app’s support chat.

Enter the app and log in to your account. Within your profile you can modify everything you think is convenient. For any questions, contact our Customer Service at

For Manzaning your health is very important. However, since the store prepares the product, we have no control over the ingredients they use.

For this we offer you the possibility of chatting directly with the shopkeeper.

In these cases, we recommend you contact the store via chat to give your specifications.

Codes and Promotions

Yes! The first shipment is free and we constantly have new promotions. In addition, from €65 you will no longer pay shipping costs.

The promotional codes are not cumulative, this means that you can only use one at a time.

When you get to the payment section, below the total there is a space that says “enter your code here”. You must write the code and give apply. The amount will be deducted automatically.

Once applied, we recommend that you pay attention to the total to verify that it has been applied correctly. If you have any questions about how to use it or if it was applied, contact us at or through chat support.

Look for the “Invite and Earn €10” section in the side menu of the app. For each friend you invite and place an order through Manzaning, you will earn €10 up to a maximum of €50. These are not cumulative in a single purchase, that is, per purchase you can use a maximum of €10 (up to 5 purchases). This will be automatically deducted when making the payment.

You can invite everyone you want, what’s more, invite everyone you know!

As we explained before, the promotions are not cumulative. This means if you are using a €10 gift promotion you will not be able to use the first free delivery. You will have to choose which one is the best for you to use.

Enter the store and you will see the list of their products with their prices so you can buy them directly. If you have any questions or there is something you cannot find, contact the store through the CHAT section. There you will see additional information about the store (schedule, ratings) and you will be able to speak directly with the shopkeeper.

In the upper right corner you will see a magnifying glass. It is a search engine that will help you find everything you need. Search by the name of the store, or a specific product and you will see those stores that have it for sale.

We make it very easy for you ☺ so you can buy everything you want.